Cars Can Be Replaced. People Can’t.


So I pull into the parking lot at school today thinking of finals, stressing over deadlines and such. When I come out of class I was about to put my bag in the back seat when I noticed someone hit my car. I’m really pissed. I got in a few accidents a while back, both of which my fault. I always tried to do the right thing in these situations, or at least go to people who could point me in the right direction and help me make amends. Then considering how I got my car painted and had the body repaired barely a year back…this is disheartening. An entire year’s tax return just went *poof* when some (insert negative adjective here) decided to get a little to close for comfort and not leave a note behind.

Right now I am furious. If I could I would flip my desk (despite it having an overhead bookshelf and printer stand attached). I’m trying to keep my self calm by repeatedly telling myself:

  • It’s not my fault. 
  • I contacted all the right people. 
  • i have comprehensive coverage. 

It just sucks when you take the fall for something stupid/wrong you did, and you do everything in your power to make it right. Then when you are in the same situation again, someone decides to screw you. It’s painful. And all you can really do after you contact the insurance and authorities is cross your fingers, then hope that the person has that bad karma dealt to them in spades.

On my drive home, I thought:

Maybe it was better that it happened like this. Not that it was a good time for it to happen while I’m trying to prep for finals, but …What if I had been in the car? What if it wasn’t just a little swipe on the bumper from someone backing out or something? What if it was much worse and I could’ve been injured or killed? Or what if the other driver could’ve been hurt?

I think I have someone looking over my shoulder. I’ve been stressing out a lot about school and stuff, and maybe this is a sign that maybe I should slow down and take some time to enjoy life. After all…Cars are expensive, but they can be replaced; a person’s life can’t.


This is Kiya, the Fervor of the Sands. She isn’t actually my own creation, she actually is Nhan-Fiction’s custom League of Legends champion. He actually asked me to draw this a few months back and I got pre-occupied with my design projects from school. Then half the time when I wanted to work on this I had an art block. Have you guys ever ran into a situation where you said to yourself, “I want to go with the same theme, but I don’t want to copy every one else. How can I make this something that’s got my own touch to it?” or something like that. Well, that’s kinda what went on here. I’ve noticed that a lot of people had the same kind of look and feel to their drawings, so I sat for many, many, many hours with a stack of xerox paper and an h4 pencil just drawing, then after a Vonage pile of crumpled up paper later (trees your sacrifice was not in vain, that paper made it to the recycle can) I finally settled on the purrrrfect design.

Kiya the Fervor of the Sands

    Kiya the Fervor of the Sands

   Materials that I used:

For the initial sketch:

  • Xerox paper
  • h4 pencil
  • hb pencil
  • white hi-polymer eraser
  • a mechanical eraser


For the inking: 

  • Micron 03 pen (black)
  • Micron 05 pen (black)
  • Micron 005 pen (black)
  • Sharpie opaque white paint pen (acts like white out to cover mistakes)
  • kneaded eraser ( removing pencil lines after the ink dries)

After the initial inking, I scanned the drawing. Brought it into Adobe Illustrator, and did an Image Trace. (For Macs, they call it Live Trace, I believe.) Next I printed out the digitally inked image on manga paper. From there I colored it using Copic Ciao markers. I have both 72 sets A and B, but here is a list of the specific markers I used:

  • 0
  • c1
  • c3
  • c5
  • w3
  • w5
  • w7
  • 100
  • bg10
  • yg11
  • yg03
  • yg06
  • g14
  • g05
  • g17
  • g28
  • yr23
  • yr15
  • y06
  • yg00
  • y28
  • e53
  • e43
  • e29
  • e49
  • r27
  • y07
  • ro2
  • r46
  • rv32
  • rv34

After the coloring I went back in with my Sharpie paint pen and I did the hi-lights on the hair, eyes, and other things. From there I scanned the picture, opened it in Photoshop and did some adjustments on the levels, contrast, and brightness.

I’m not dead, I’m busy!

There has been a lot of craziness I’ve had to deal with at work. There’s the winter visitors, having to keep up with the constant release of new coupons, in-store promotions, crowds due to various sporting events (i.e. the close of football season and the March Madness basketball ), new co-workers, and old co-workers leaving. And there’s been so much drama in my personal life that it could honestly fill a novel in itself. But anyways…Here’s what I’ve been up to when I want to hide from everything:



I decided to do a simple design for the top of the skateboard, since the top usually consists of griptape. The bottom of the skateboard deck is kind of personal. It’s the first digital painting I’ve ever finished. And even though I submitted this really, really, really late, I feel so proud and couldn’t care either way.



Above is the candy skull, I actually had to hold back on this because when I finally filled up my template I had 8 different layers. So yeah, I actually had to force myself to stop on that one, but I mean that in a good way. This was the most fun I’ve had on a project yet.


This Is What I Get For Being Nice???

So there are these new guys on my Teamspeak server that joined around September because they wanted to play LOL with me and the others. As time has gone by, they’ve bought their runes, they’ve gained their levels and have started doing PvP. Some of them are getting it but there is this one guy who keeps constantly feeding, isn’t able to counter build very well, doesn’t buy wards, forgets to call mia, and the list goes on… (Not to say that I’m perfect, I know there have been times where I’ve forgotten to call mia.)

The other summoners and I have been trying to be nice about it, seeing as though he’s still trying to level and get to 30. We’ve been giving him advice on how to counter items, how to escape ganks, how to ward, what to put on your rune and mastery pages.But he never listens to us when we tell him this stuff, and then 5 min. later he asks us to repeat the stuff we just told him about. Me and my other friends have told him how to spec for a certain champion 5 different times. So I figured this guy would have had his build memorized by now and he would at least pick my brain about different things related to League. Yesterday he asked me again how to spec for the same champion, and that’s when I quit believing in logic.

It just frustrates me to no end that he has to ask me why he’s always feeding and doing poorly, but yet he refuses to listen to the advice of the more experienced players. I’ve tried explaining to him that getting good at LOL takes time and a lot more game play, but he refuses to believe me. I’m sure we’ve all ran into those hard-headed n00bs before.

Do you any advice or stories about a similar experience?

Valentine? What’s that?

Once again, I see them:

A happy couple

walking hand-in-hand.


Most people tell me

I’m only as good as what I accomplish.


I’ve forgotten what it’s like.

I’ve forgotten how nice it is.


What does it feel like…

to be cared about?

to be your true self and not be afraid?

to be happy?

to get flowers?

to go on dates?

to have someone to hold?

to be kissed?

to be missed?


As I look in his eyes

I think:

What is this fabled, “love”, of which you speak?

Can you remind me of what it’s like

To be someone’s Valentine?


What’s a gamer girl to do?

 I play LOL, I’m on Teamspeak, I have 3 game consoles, and a few GameBoys. I’ll proudly admit to having stacks of PokeMon cards in the abyss underneath my bed, and Magic The Gathering cards completely filling the drawer of my nightstand. 

I’ve been told a girl like me is special by many guys. Many of them living clear on the other side of the country, and none of them living in my area. I’m looking at the calendar, and I’m well aware that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. I’m hoping that instead of heading to class and having nothing to look forward to but Photoshop, that something/someone special will be waiting for me that day. 

So while I’m dreaming about the single beautiful rose that I wish I could have laying across my keyboard, I’m having to contemplate the situation at hand. There is this guy who sits next to me in one of my classes, and every time I want to talk to my friends, go to the bathroom, or just plain leave…he ALWAYS has to stop me. Either by getting in between me and my way out, talking to me, or etc. I don’t want to be mean because it’s not in my nature, but it feels like he’s suffocating me and killing all hopes of potentially having a good Valentine’s Day (for once). What’s a gamer girl to do?